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Your Wedding reception is going to be the party of a lifetime, but it all begins with the Ceremony. As you walk down the aisle to make your vows, you will enter into a sacred union of two becoming one. Though it's not uncommon to have a longtime friend or family member pay for "ordination" online, you really want to be sure you can trust your Officiant with these most special moments of your lives. Our legally appointed Civil Celebrant's are officially registered to to perform Weddings throughout the entire state of Virginia and have years of experience with Weddings and public speaking.


We offer comprehensive Celebrant services including (but not limited to):

  • Script Templates

  • Custom Scripts

  • Timeline Consulting

  • Ceremony Rehearsal

  • Sound Support

  • Audio Recordings

Meet Our Celebrants

We've assembled a team of the finest Civil Celebrants, and it's our mission to be there with you every step of the way. Most of our Celebrant's offer secular, non-religious services, while some others offer Religious services. All of our Celebrants are devoted advocates for inclusivity and diversity, warmly embracing LGBTQ+ individuals and couples from all walks of life.

Joshua Pelling

That's right, Love & Light Entertainment's fearless leader, Josh is a registered permanent Civil Celebrant in addition to being Owner, a DJ, and an MC. He is truly passionate about Weddings, and for the past 11 years, it has been his life's mission to guide and support couples on their journey to saying "I Do." Josh chose to become a Civil Celebrant and to enlist a team of trusted Celebrants to join him after witnessing several ceremonies during his DJ career that didn't quite live up to expectations. As a Celebrant and DJ, he can wear both hats, or can act as a backup Celebrant in case of emergencies, offering peace of mind and added assurance for the couples he serves.

Kelly Musselman

Kelly Musselman is a dedicated celebrant with experience in performing wedding ceremonies and vow renewals. With a flexible and adaptable approach, Kelly strives to create personalized experiences that reflect the unique stories of people. Her journey as a celebrant began when she was asked to officiate a non-traditional wedding ceremony, which sparked her passion for creating people-centered ceremonies. Kelly's laid-back demeanor and commitment to creating a comfortable environment make her easy to work with. As a military spouse, Kelly brings a deep appreciation for the fine details and unwaivering commitment to her role.

Personalize one of our many script templates, or customize your own. The choice is yours. Our Client Portal further provides you with tools and resources to assist you throughout the Planning process.


Replay The Memories

Did you know we can record your Ceremony? That's right, we will record the audio for you, and send you high quality MP3 audio after your Wedding. You can easily share the audio with anyone, and can replay the memories for years to come.

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