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Tips to keep your Wedding guests on the dance floor

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Get on the dance floor

The easiest way to encourage your Wedding guests to dance at your Wedding is simply by getting out on the dance floor yourself. Wedding guests are there to celebrate your big day and will gravitate toward you. So get out there and bust out your best moves or even just your best two step and your guests will most likely find there way out there as well.

Invite guests to make requests

At most events, there are a atleast a few guest who will walk up to the DJ booth to make requests. A good DJ may even invite them to submit requests periodically throughout the event. This is a great way to encourage participation, and of course, it helps to get people dancing if they get to hear their jams. Ask your DJ their policy on requests and ask if they will mention it at some point on the day of. In some cases, DJs have special touchless request systems that will allow guests to submit song requests right from a smartphone or other device without the need to approach the DJ booth. There are also Guest Request systems that can provide you a link to give to guests to capture requests before the day of your event, or systems that allow guests to text the DJ requests from their phones. Invite your guests to submit requests, and they may be more likely to join you on the dance floor.

Invite guests to dance

This may seem a bit too straightforward, but sometimes all you need to do is ask. This can be as simple as taking your best friend by the hand to the dance floor, or, for the bold, grabbing a microphone and personally inviting all of your Guests to join you for the next song. Of course, you could also ask your DJ to invite them on your behalf. Whichever you decide, don't be afraid to ask and you may be surprised who shows up out there.

Space out the events

Adding a break between long open dancing sessions can be a great way to restart the energy of the crowd. You can do this easily by spacing out your events throughout the evening. For example, the cake cutting, parents dances, speeches, and the bouquet toss and garter events can all be moved to times after open dancing blocks to provide some relief for those tired boogie shoes.

Switch up the tempo

After a few dance hits your guests may need a bit of a break. Slowing down the tempo with a slow dance after a string of upbeat classics can be a great way to restart the party. Slow songs provide partners, married couples, and even new potential flames with a way to embrace and build stronger connections. In fact, it's not uncommon for some people to only dance to a few slow songs, especially those who may not be able to dance for longer periods of time for various reasons. After a slow song, consider slowly raising the tempo back up with a few good party tunes to get the momentum going again.

Have fun

There is no one right method that works to get everyone dancing. The truth is, some people simply may not dance, and that's okay. Not everyone needs to dance to enjoy your Wedding, but applying these tips can help to encourage more people to get on the floor. Don't overthink it, and enjoy yourself! After all, it's your special day. Have fun, and stay tuned for more upcoming posts for more tips on keeping the dance floor packed at your Wedding.


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