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  1. Mark Played: Click to mark a request as played. Click again to unmark.

  2. Accept Request: Approves requests to appear on the Guest site to allow UpVotes or DownVotes.

  3. Reject Request: Click to reject a request. Rejected requests will not appear for guests to UpVote or DownVotes.

  4. Accept Media: Approves media to appear on the Slideshow and Event Album.

  5. Reject Media: Click to reject media. Rejected media will not appear in Slideshow or Event Album.

  6. Delete: Click to permanently remove a request or media.

  7. View Media: Click to view the media associated with a request. Opens in a new tab.

  8. Refresh: Click to update the list with the latest requests and changes.

Accepted, Rejected, and AlreadyPlayed Indicators:​

  • Green: True/Yes

  • Red: False/No

Note: Selections are saved instantly. Use the Refresh button to ensure you're viewing the most current data.

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