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Shared Moments Live

  • Capture Guest Photos and Videos

  • Send Text Blasts

  • Display a Live Slideshow

  • Download and share from the Event Gallery

  • Guests Can Pre-Register

How Does It Work?

Before the Event

Guests sign up and opt-in with their name and phone number.

image (1).png

On Event Day

Texts can be sent to all guests. Send welcome messages, reminders for guests to share photos and videos, and other announcements.

image (2).png

During the Event

Guests send in photos, videos, song requests, or messages to the DJ.


During the Event

A slideshow of approved photos and videos can be displayed on the DJ booth or other screens. A QR code can be displayed for guests who haven't signed up.


After the Event

Guests can be sent a thank you text and a link to the Gallery to download or share.

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