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The Shoe Game is a popular reception activity that tests the couple’s knowledge of each other and presents fun questions for them to answer about each another. From who is the funniest to who is the best cook, the newlyweds will have to answer a variety of questions without seeing one another’s answers.


Step 1: Set the Game Up
To set up the Wedding Shoe Game, put two chairs back-to-back in the center of the dance floor. The couple should sit on the chairs so they cannot see one another. Have both of them take off their shoes and swap one of them. That means that each person will have one of their own shoes and one of their partner’s shoes. 

Step 2: Pick a Host
Typically the host is the DJ or MC, however, if you'd like, you can designate another host. This person may be a guest or someone in the bridal party, such as the best man or the maid of honor. Make sure that the person is confident enough to speak in front of a crowd and has a loud voice (or a mic!). 

Step 3: Start the Questions
The host should start reading out questions about the couple. For example, one question may be ‘who made the first move?’ Throughout the game, the caller should ask around 10-20 questions. After each one, the caller will leave a short pause, in which the couple can answer and the guests can react.

Step 4: Raise the Shoes
Of course, the couple doesn't simply shout out answers! Oh no, they raise the shoes in their hands instead. When a question is asked, they should raise the shoe of the person the question describes.


General questions are great, but consider choosing questions that are more personal to you and your partner.

We recommend choosing between 10-20 questions. You can choose more or less, but keep in mind the more questions you choose, the longer the event will take.

Even though the questions are meant to be about you and your partner, it can be fun to include questions where you and your partner point out others at your Reception. For example, if the question is "Who worries the most?" you could both point to your Mother's. While this is not required, our DJs and MCs have seen this get big laughs from crowds.

Although it is traditionally called the "shoe" game, it's okay to use other props in place of shoes. For example, you could use custom printed signs, hat's from your favorite sports teams, or even turn it into a drinking game with one of each other's favorite beverages (please drink responsibly). Get creative, but just be sure to use 2 items that are distinguishably different from across the room so that your guests can identify who you're voting for.

Consider choosing something unique and engaging for your last question. This can be a great way to do something that seems spontaneous, fun, or that gets the crowd involved. For example, if the last question is "Who is the better dancer?", you and your partner might both jump up and dance as the DJ plays a jam and invites everyone to the dance floor. Again, while not required, using the final question to initiate dancing, laughs, or some unique fun can be a great way to create lasting memories for you and your guests.


Who hogs most of the bed?
Who is the better driver?
Who has the better driving record?
Who farts more?
Who is the better cook?
Who uses more toilet paper?
Who has bigger feet?
Who has a bigger butt?
Who has better vision?
Who has better hearing?
Who is worse with direction?
Who sneezes more?
Who has the nuttier family?
Who has the most shoes? (It is the shoe game, after all!)


Who was the first to admit their love?
Who was the one who made the relationship “official?”
Who was the first one to have a crush on the other?
Who wears the pants in the relationship?
Who has to always have the final words in an argument?
Who is the better kisser?
Who flirts the most?
Who is always the first to say “I love you?”
Who is the smarter one?
Who is your favorite person?


Who makes more money?
Who spends more money?
Who shops more?
Who works more?
Who generally picks up the tab at restaurants?
Who is the cheapest?
Who tips the most?
Who pays the most bills?


Who is more clumsy?
Who talks the most?
Who looks in the mirror more?
Who stinks up the bathroom more?
Who talks the loudest?
Who has the better laugh?
Who tells the best jokes?
Who is more serious?
Who is more flexible?
Who is most the dramatic?
Who is the biggest baby when they’re sick?
Who gives better presents?
Who gives the most unexpected surprises?
Who is the first to apologize after arguing?
Who has better hair?
Who is more forgetful?
Who cries the most during movies?
Who has more dressy clothes?
Who is more stubborn?


Who exercises more?
Who eats healthier?
Who is in better overall shape?
Who eats the most fast food?
Who does more household chores?
Who’s car is the cleanest?
Who would rather be outdoors?
Who spends the most time on the phone?
Who sings better?
Who dances better?
Who brushes their teeth the most?
Who holds their liquor better?
Who takes longer showers?
Who takes the longest to get ready?
Who is the most clean?
Who dresses better?


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