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Thank you for choosing Love & Light Entertainment for your Wedding.

We are honored and excited to join your Vendor team!

What you can expect from us

How to contact us

Email is the best way to contact your DJ, but if you need anything, you can also email management directly at

You could also schedule a video meeting with us during our office hours at

If you need to reach us by phone, you can text or call the office at: 

(571) 310-3345

How we will contact you

We may send you various emails, some to remind you to complete the planning information, others with tips and helpful information, and others offering new or discounted services you may not know you needed. We like to keep in touch! Some of these emails may be automated, some may come from us manually. After the Wedding, we will send you an email asking for your evaluation and a review, and we would greatly appreciate your honest feedback.


We do not limit Meetings, and strive to be available and accessible to our Clients. Video meetings can be scheduled with us during office hours at, but if you need to meet in person, please let your DJ or our Team know. In-person meetings take place on weekday evenings. Weekend meetings are typically not available due to our event schedule.


On your Wedding day, we aim to arrive about 1 to 2 hours before the event. If there are any issues that occur, please let your DJ or our Team know immediately.​ If there are any issues on our end, rest assured we have back up plans, but should something happen, your DJ or our Team will contact you immediately.


As per the contract, all we need is an adequate power source and a safe working environment. Occasionally, our DJ may also need a 6 foot table with a linen or tablecloth. If there are any special accommodations or additional requirements, we will be in contact with you and your Vendor team.


You are not required to feed the DJ or Team members. We won’t starve. If you do want us to eat, we will do it quickly and discreetly. Some of our Team may have special meal accommodations or allergies, so please ask if you're offering a meal.


Tipping is optional and is totally up to you! We typically see 10-20% tips if the DJ was amazing.


To begin Planning, use your login credentials we've sent you to access the Portal. Start by completing the Planning Forms and Timeline. For Day Of Coordinator and Celebrant services, we also use Aisle Planner.  

As your Wedding approaches, you will be reminded to schedule a meeting with your DJ to go over all of the details, but if you need help during the process, simply contact your DJ or our Team. 


Remember to enjoy your engagement! Don't let the planning process overwhelm you. We are Wedding Professionals and we will do everything we can to ensure that your Wedding goes smoothly from beginning to end. Take advantage of the tools and resources on this page, as well as, in the Portal; do not hesitate to contact your DJ or our Team if you need assistance.

At The Booth
Guest Requests

Our DJs are happy to take song requests from your guests at the DJ booth. Of course, we will always honor your Do Not Play and Play Only If Requested lists in the Portal. If you decide you do not want your DJ to honor ANY requests, simply let them know.

Guest Requests

Our DJ's are able to take song requests at the DJ booth, but also virtually. Login to the Portal to access the Guest Request System.

  • Navigate to Plan My Event

  • Select Music

  • Click Guest Requests

You can generate ​and/or copy a unique link you can share with your guests allowing them to pre-submit requests.

Wedding Day
Guest Requests

Our DJs are also able to take requests virtually using a special link. Some Clients prefer to print out and display these as QR codes around the venue. Each DJ has their own unique link, listed below. If you do not see your DJ's link, please reach out to us.

DJ Luminary

DJ Theo


Each and every Wedding is different, and your Timeline should be your own unique interpretation of your dream Wedding. While there are many traditions to consider, don't be afraid to mix things up and customize your Timeline to fit your style and theme.

Here's a few tips when creating your Timeline:

  • Don't stress too much on Time. While there are certainly some things that you'll want to start exactly on Time, it may be hard to predict how long some other events may run. The order of events is what's most important.

  • Be as detailed as possible. While you may want to simplify a copy of the Timeline to provide to guests, the Timeline that you provide to Vendors should be as thorough as possible so that everyone has all of the necessary information. It can help to focus first on the order of events, then add as much information as you can in the Notes or Comments section.

  • There are tools and resources available to you in the Portal to assist with things like Music Selection, but if you get stuck or need any assistance with planning, reach out to your DJ or to us directly. We are here to help!

Here is an example Timeline of a typical Ceremony and Reception:

Download this Sample Timeline in Excel format here: 


While there are already Music suggestions in the Portal, and Spotify integration that allows you to pull in your liked playlists, we are also slowly building up our own Love & Light Ent. Spotify Playlists to provide you with some of our favorite recommendations. Keep in mind these are a constant work in progress, so be sure to like and follow us for updates, and feel free to send us your favorite tunes.


Still looking for song suggestions? Use the link below to find the most requested songs in 2022 including Special Songs, top requests, or by decade.


Our staff has been involved with hundreds, if not thousands of Weddings over many years.

Here's a few tips to consider when Planning:

  • When building your seating chart, be careful not to seat audio-sensitive guests closest to the speakers.

  • During your Ceremony, ask your Officiant to make special announcements:

    • "Please place cell phones on silent or off to avoid any distractions".

    • If guests are asked to stand for the Bride, make sure Officiant tells them to be seated after Bride makes it to the altar.

    • Officiant should end with post-ceremony announcements, ie: inviting guests to Cocktail Hour on behalf of the Newlyweds.

  • Sunset/Golden Hour Photos can be amazing, however, ask your Photographer to keep the session timing to a minimum so that guests are not bored waiting for the party to start


This Welcome Kit and the Portal are designed to provide you with various resources you can use to plan and prepare for your Wedding and beyond. Here are some other great resources that may also be of benefit to you. 


Thank you for choosing us to be part of your Wedding! We are working to provide more great resources, tools, and tips to help you plan your Wedding, so be sure to bookmark this page and be sure to also check out our Blog for even more resources. If you are in need of any assistance, contact your DJ or reach out to us directly.

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